Sunday, October 2, 2011

Expression of Words

October 2, 2011

Amazing to me how quickly we can communicate with others by sending an email, text message or talking face to face......but do we truly know the impact our words have on that individual?  I mean words alone are simple in meaning but when we string them together into a thought they can be used to build someones' self esteem up or to quickly tear them down. 

I think that we so often let our emotions overtake us and without much thought we say things that are hurtful.  And once they are said we can't take them back because they are already embedded in the individuals memory.  And no matter how many apologies we offer, it just doesn't take away the pain we have caused.

Things that I am learning:

1)  Listen to what someone is saying before offering any advice or solutions.....sometimes the thing they need the most is someone to hear them.

2)  Think before speaking because your words can have a positive or negative effect.

3)  If you know you've hurt someone, make every attempt to make amends immediately.

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  1. Great post, Carrie - love the takeaways!